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     When this web site was being built, I didn't have articles and papers that fit into "just" policy discussion.  On some of my lengthier papers found elsewhere on this site, I do spend time discussing policy implications of certain practices.  Often, policy is "pattern and practice" driven.  It's a common concept in law that judicial notice can be taken of such practices, and in the absence of express policy, the practices themselves are identified as policy.


     This topic area will eventually contain articles discussing institutional and cultural practices that reflect the underlying values often leading to express, written policies.  Policy can often be pieced together by the disparate yet related consistency of practice, or way of doing things that just happens.  After all, "Topsy" isn't just the name of a doll that appeared to grow larger all by itself.  Inertia and institutional practices also drive growth.  This fact led to the development of Sociology as a separate social science discipline.  Emil Durkheim and Max Weber weren't the first commentators, but their influence led to a separate set of philosophical dogmatic statements about man and society only once institutions couldn't any longer ignore and fail to confess up to deeply held beliefs which both nineteenth century writers observed.







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