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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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     Articles and papers included in this site offer the reader an in-depth view of my professional development and the multiple human services roles I've adopted since having left my skilled blue collar craft career of twenty six years' duration behind me.


     Scattered throughout this web site are other shorter illustrations of my work, and descriptions of my work style.  Extensive case notes, upon which two of the papers in this section are built, are typical reflections of the way I conduct comprehensive case management.  Obvious from the two lengthy papers submitted to Western Washington University is my style of crossing individual agency and human services discipline boundaries in order to effect an understanding of the whole person.


     Each title below is a link to the individual paper or article.  Click anywhere on the title to access the writing.



Being Honest about Non-Verbal Communication Problems - with Special Attention Paid to Time Management

Cognitive Interpreter - Announcing a New Role

Formal Beginnings of a New Career - First Analytical Paper for CCER, Western Washington University

Policy and Procedural Conflicts in a Center for Independent Living - Second Analytical  Paper and Policy Piece for   CCER, Western Washington University



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