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     I am uncomfortable with the term social skills.  I think most of us know what it means, but it smacks of school (YECH!), training (like canine obedience training), and someone in a down position (us) from another's up position (anyone teaching us these soft skills).


     In this section, although I prattle on with lots of advice, it's really in acknowledgment of our being innately social creatures as human beings.  We aren't cats.  We're closer to dogs in terms of our attachment, our yearning to be accepted by others, regardless of our mixed feelings about acceptance and pulling a Frank Sinatra "I Do It My Way" much too often.  You hear too much of that, and it's inevitable that you start feeling sorry for the person; not a good sign!  If you were to ask them in one of their unguarded moments, they'd probably tell you that they aren't happy as clams hugging themselves all the time.


     And that's my point.  No one really likes sourpusses.  And way too many of us are just that.  The way out of that mind-set is-- yup you guessed it! -- to work at it.  The change doesn't start with others.  It starts with you.


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