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 "Asperger Syndrome and Making Sense"
Copyright © 2002 Hubert Cross
Retrieved July 2002


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If he's still around, Hubert Cross is now in his late forties or early fifties. His web site, "Aspeger Syndrome and Making Sense" was the most comprehensive explanation of "Mindblindness" and "Theory of Mind" available at the turn of this century, and remains one of the most articulate statements of a late-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome man whose diagnosis gave him the means to understand himself, his father, and his confusing past.

This web site was downloaded and preserved in 2002. I had visited the site a number of times since 1998, when it first appeared on the Internet. Hubert had trouble maintaining the site, and it became a "here it is -- here it isn't" phenomenon at the time I first saved just the text content of the site. During one of those "here it isn't" episodes, I contacted Hubert, informing him that I had retrieved the text. He was grateful for the material, as the site host of his material had taken the site down, and Hubert hadn't saved his uploaded material. He was able to insert graphics and put his site back up, on a site named for his daughter. Shortly after it became available to a wide readership, it disappeared again.

Some of this material is dated. Some of it is a bit confusing for the reader, but here it is, in full. I've had no success in recently locating Hubert, who resided in the East Bay of San Francisco at the time I lost contact with him.

The web site is published here from my most recent downloaded, saved files. I have not reviewed it, but there's a good chance that links embedded in the site are inoperable.

It is re-published here out of couresty to its designer and author. I have assigned it a copyright on behalf of its author. Individuals wishing to copy or extract material from it should do its author the courtesy of attributing the material to him, and ask others who use the copied material to observe the same courtesy.


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