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     I can't remember ever not worrying about what's wrong with me and work.  With my AS diagnosis eight years ago, I've come up with some answers not only for myself, but others in the same predicament.  When I wrote Asperger Symdrome Employment Workbook (2001), it was the first book-length, serious study of adult AS employment.  Fortunately, my book has been followed by the writing and presentations of others, namely Temple Grandin, Gail Hawkins, Malcolm Johnson, and Stephen Shore.  There are many authors who touch more than incidentally on "our" issues with income and survival in the world of work, the most notable recent example being Barbara Jacobs in her absolutely right on book Loving Mr. Spock (2003).


     Here are a few of the many articles I've written covering this essential adult issue.  More are on the way.  Each title in the list below is a link to the article.  Click anywhere on the title and your browser will take you there.


ADA, 504, and Adverse Employer Behavior

ADA, Discrimination and Employment Conundrums

Asperger Syndrome - Art or Artifice?

Asperger Syndrome, Career Choices, and Spirituality

Counseling Values -- Notes to a Novice Job Developer Placing AS Clients

The Medical vs. the Inclusion Model in Vocational Rehabilitation


My Pigeons Come Home to Roost

Social Skills and Work -- Advice for Advanced Level Job Seekers

Text of AASCEND Conference Keynote, April 24, 2004


To a Mom Running Interference with her Son's First Employer


Transitions to Adult Independence:  Money Management and the Basic Steps


Transition - To Work or Not to Work

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