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     These materials are probably the most horatory ones you'll find on this web site.  Most are my self-discovery pieces.  So be prepared for some soap-boxing and deliveries ex cathedra.  I figure that due to my relative antiquity, some folks might want to hear how I've made it, despite and because of life's twists and turns.  And maybe a bit about how I cajole, encourage, and embarrass others into doing the same.   So, if there's any topic area that satisfies readers of Advice to the Lovelorn Column on this web site, titles linked from this page are probably "it."


     Each title is a link.   Click anywhere on the title to access the article.


1998 Letter to Gunilla Gerland -- On Participatory Research

Advocacy -- ADA Problems at Portland State University

Are Any People with Aspegergers Quiet?

AS or AC -- Different or the Same?

Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis and Checklist for Finding a Good Adult Counselor

Fear of Failing and Aspie Perfectionism

It's About Time - An Article on Dyssemia and Chronemics

I write to a 17 Year Old Advocate

On Social Rules, Polite Discourse, and Raised Toilet Seats

University Might or Disabled Students Rights?

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