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Professional Reports and Client Evaluations for

Agencies and Private Providers



     Following case work and/or consultation with individuals and their families, I prepare reports, evaluations, and briefing memoranda for adult service agency professionals and private providers.


     Typical examples of such reports would be coherent documentation of a client/patient's family history, taken from multiple sources, regarding individuals with disabilities where, in the past, reports have been sketchy or non-existent, and thus not available to agency or service case managers and other professionals having only limited roles or limited information about their clients or patients. 


     My background as a private case manager is unhindered by traditional licensed scope of practice restrictions.  I am easily able to cross agency boundaries and combine information from numerous, unrelated sources to present a clear picture of the client/patient who may be seen only once by an evaluating specialist, or a therapist or counselor. For such single-visit evaluations, having as much information on the individual is crucial to afford the individual the best chance of being understood by his/her evaluator.


     Preparation of such reports is a natural extension of the way I conduct research and document client claims for Social Security and other human services entitlement programs.  I have a proven track record of being able to extract information by interview and structured questionnaires "without pain" after having gained the trust of the reporting source, often as a result of numerous relationship-building prior contacts.


     Once gathered and combined in reports and evaluations, the original source documentation is either forwarded on to a properly authorized recipient, or destroyed in accordance with the best practices for archiving and disclosure/redisclosure and destruction of  highly confidential health and mental health information.


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