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Paid Social Security Representation



     My practice stands in contrast to most Social Security attorneys and lay representatives engaged long after the claimant has begun the application process, often after their initial claim has been denied once or several times.  I accept only a limited number of cases.  I have found that developing the claimant's record and documentation fully right from the start allows the individual to be found administratively eligible on the basis of the record alone, thus shortening the time between application date and a finding of eligibility.  If a case requires appeal of an adverse decision to the SSA Office of Hearings and Appeals, I do appear as the claimant's representative in such administrative law judge hearings.


     If an administrative law judge disallows the claim, I refer the claimant to a competent and experienced appellate attorney.  Under such circumstances, despite the amount of work involved in having developed the record, if the claimant eventually prevails upon appeal, remand for a rehearing, or in Federal district court, as a lay person I am prohibited from deriving any fees from the eventual successful award of benefits.


     I do not accept cases where I believe the applicant stands little chance of being found eligible.  I often advise young claimants against applying for SSI/SSDI because of the debilitating effect of becoming dependent upon a sub-poverty level of income and benefits in a system where less than one percent of SSI/SSDI recipients ever "get out" of the system once having been found eligible for benefits.


     As an independent, solo practice lay representative I have an extremely high success rate.  Satisfied clients report that my attention to detail and knowledge of the regulations and administrative directives governing agency case development has been very helpful to them.  However, I cannot guarantee a favorable outcome.  My fee is set by Federal law and regulations.  Although I am not an attorney, I enjoy the same practice privileges before SSA.  Although there is no legal obligation for me to do so, I choose to operate under the same scope of practice and ethical guidelines as members of the bar.


     When benefits are awarded, I remain available to clients for the initial period following a finding of eligibility until the amount of the back award is settled.  When payment to a  representative payee is indicated , my fee agreement allows collection of my fee and expenses directly from the representative payee's account maintained on the claimant's behalf.  For the foreseeable future, I will not be participating in the SSA pilot program authorizing direct payment of my fees and expenses by SSA.  (Only a limited number of lay representatives will be allowed to test the system's waters for a five year test period.)


     I am secretary of the Oregon Social Security Claimants Representatives, an organization composed largely of attorneys, with a small balance of members who are lay, professional representatives.  Most such representatives are employed by public service organizations, and provide very high quality service for their clients.


To view a copy of my Social Security Appeal Fee Agreement, click here.  To view an explanation of my Fee Structure and Schedule, click here.  To view a copy of my contract for services as a paid social security representative, click here



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