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Information and Referral Services



     I have always been a collector of human resources information.  I am a specialist in turning over rocks and finding valuable, often unthought-of resources from nontraditional locations and individuals.  This information is of value to others seeking specialists in their communities, and can help them in asking questions of potential providers.  This information is often sought by professionals, family members, AS individuals, and others involved in a given individual's life.


     Although I practice primarily in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, I have extensive personal, agency and resource contacts the field of Asperger Syndrome and related cognitive conditions, disability advocacy, legal and lay representation for entitlement program applicants and appearances before fair hearing officers and other appellate authorities.  For Oregon residents, I have current information about clinical, diagnostic and forensic professionals.  I frequently update this data base.


     Individuals wishing this information should consider calling rather than writing or Emailing their questions.  I've found that issues and unexplored areas often pop up during a conversation that then lead to additional referrals.  Before calling, please be prepared with paper and pen/pencil, or a means of recording this information on a computer.

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