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Group Facilitation and Mediation



     First trained as a community mediator by Community Boards of San Francisco in 1979, I have been a panel mediator, trainer of mediators, trainer of trainers, and organizational development consultant to community mediation programs.  I am a member of the Oregon Mediation Association and maintain a small private practice specializing in resolution of private disputes. 


     Since 1998, I have facilitated an Asperger Syndrome adult support group, and have recently been joined by three other co-facilitators to expand the format and offerings of the support group.  Since 2000, with a licensed clinical social worker colleague, I have co-facilitated a married partners group where one or both members of the couple are on the autistic spectrum.


     With a colleague and by myself, I have also presented workshops on the technique and dynamics of small group facilitation with individuals "somewhere" on the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum.


     I have had considerable experience in small and large group facilitation, and am the author of one of the first training manuals on large group conflict mediation published by Community Boards of San Francisco in 1986.


     In additional to traditional mediation, I've become a comfortable participant in the group team and leadership experience.  I have served on numerous non-profit boards, and am presently (2005) the president of my neighborhood association in Gresham, Oregon, since January 2002 a City of Gresham delegate commissioner to the Multnomah County Housing and Community Development Commission, and a member of its special needs committee as well as its families with special needs task force.  I've also been president and secretary of my condominium homeowner's association, a position requiring much sensitivity and finesse in working out cooperative governance arrangements with fellow home owners.



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