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Disability Advocacy and Direct Representation



     I am an experienced ADA and disability civil rights advocate.  I help individuals disclose their disability and negotiate reasonable accommodations in post-secondary education, employment, and public and private service agency and public accommodation settings.  I have appeared as an expert witness and in a supportive capacity in administrative hearings and judicial proceedings.


     While much of my work is pro bono, there are instances where I must charge for my services.  Examples of charged professional advocacy or representation are those generated by execution of a formal contract for services, or a formal written agreement to represent the individual.


     My primary orientation is towards helping the individual become more completely self-determined and, by mentoring and modeling, set an example for their becoming an effective, independent self-advocate.  I am not into "being needed" in perpetuity by individuals who otherwise are perfectly capable of continuing on with their own self-advocacy.


     To view my generic Fee for Services Agreement, click here.  Please reference the ADA Advocacy Authorization and the General Release and Authorization Forms.


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