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Cognitive Interpretive Services



     The role of cognitive interpreter is one I developed in consultation with the Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law (Washington, DC). I specialize in work with persons having non verbal learning disabilities, organic brain disease, traumatic brain injury, and pervasive developmental disabilities, including high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. I assist individuals in the juvenile and adult community justice systems comply with their pre-trial, sentencing and post-conviction program participation requirements.  While some sentences do result in incarceration, my primary interest and that of others in the community justice system is to assist the individual in successfully serving a sentence involving post-incarceration release, whether probation or parole.  I act as a neutral communication conduit helping authorities and providers simplify and clarify their directions to the individual, and help the individual respond with his/her own words and actions indicating their understanding of what is being asked of them.


     Individuals or their care givers considering such a special arrangement are urged to contact me by telephone or Email for a much more thorough explanation of this service.  In most instances, the basic agreement must contain individualized and special conditions attached to this type of representation, since the representation does, by its very nature, diminish the individual's independent role and affects his/her civil and other recognized legal rights.  If the individual and his/her care giver(s) are considering this type of representation, they are advised to seek the independent advice of an attorney before entering into such an agreement with me.


     To view a copy of the Cognitive Interpreter Agreement, please click here.


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