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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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     "...of a different mind" is a disability services consulting business registered with the Oregon Secretary of State, owned by Roger N. Meyer.  Each of the diversified services offered are titled below.   Click on each title for a complete description of that service.


     Additional business details can be found by clicking on the last capitalized title at the bottom of this page.


     Professional liability insurance (errors and omissions) is provided by the American Counseling Association through the Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company and its agent, CPH and Associates, Chicago, Illinois.


     Common forms I use in the business can be viewed by first going to the index of those forms and documents by clicking this link.






Special Education Advocacy and Parent/

Student Provider Training


Disability Advocacy and Direct



Cognitive Interpretive Services


Paid Social Security Representation


Career Counseling and Job Development


Group Facilitation and Mediation


Presentations and In-Service Training


Professional Reports and Client Evaluations

for Agencies and Private Providers


Information and Referral Services


Wrap Around Case Management Services for Young and Mature Disabled Adults


More Business Details


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