Curriculum Vita

Curriculum Vita


B.A., Summa cum Laude. University of Minnesota, Political Science, 1964

University of Chicago Law School, 1964-65

University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School, Political Science, 1968

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Journey Certificate, Mill Cabinet, 1976

Limited Subject Limited Tenure Teaching Certificate, Apprenticeship Education, Lane Community College, Oakland, CA, 1985

Labor Studies, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 1986

Social Work, Graduate School of Social Work, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 1989

Professional Education

Asperger Syndrome Northwest Conference, Seattle/Tacoma, Attwood, Fouse, Wheeler, Lieberman, Wiznitzer and others, November, 1998, 12 ASHA contact hours

Social Stories Training, Tony Attwood and Carol Gray, Portland, OR, February 1999, 6 ASHA contact hours

Introduction to Asperger Syndrome for Speech Language Pathologists, Portland State University
Department of Speech and Communication, Portland, OR, April, 1999, 6 ASHA contact hours

Special Education, Counseling, and related Professional Development ASHA/APA/ACA/NASW certified events, various Oregon sponsoring agencies, 1998-1999, 80 plus contact hours

Western Washington University Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilition, (WWU-CCER) Job Development, Career Counseling, Human Services Professional

Development Winter Course 1999 Certificate of Completion, WWU-CCER, PVS Sequence (Employment Specialist) January 2000, 65 hours

Advocacy Education and Special Education Law Training, Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates Conference, Houston TX, March 2000, Florida Bar Association 17 contact hours

Ethical Challenges in Counselor Supervision, Portland State University School of Education,Special Education and Counselor Education Combined Programs, Portland, OR, April 2000 (required course for ACA professional errors and omissions insurance coverage) Entrepreneurial Training Program, Neighborhood Pride Team, Portland, OR,  June-August 2000, 30 hours

Oregon State Independent Living Centers Board Training, Portland, OR  September 2000, 13 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) contact hours

“Introduction to Asperger Syndrome for Parents and Professionals,” Autism Society of Los Angeles, T. Attwood, September 2000, 6 ASHA/APA contact hours

“Disability Advocacy and Legislative Lobbying Training,” Brain Injury Association of Oregon, Portland and Salem, OR, November 2000, 8 hours

“Disability Law and Advocacy Training,” Region X RSA/Independent Living Centers Conference, Portland, OR, November 2000, 14 CRC contact hours

“Autism-Oasis Conference 2000 – Dietary, Digestive System and Immunotoxism Issues in Autism,” Northwest Autism Foundation, Portland, OR, November 2000

“Celebrate Wellness – a Two Day Conference on Disability and Wellness,” Oregon Health Sciences University, CDRC Disability and Health Program, Eugene, OR, November 2000

Ticket to Work and Social Security Employment Incentives Programs Training for Professionals SSA Baltimore/SSA Oregon Co-Sponsors, Portland, OR, January 2001, 3 CRC contact hours

“Preparing for Work Opportunities for Persons with Autism,” Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation, Salem, OR, January 2001, 3 CRC contact hours

“Creating Broader Options for Employment- The Person Centered Planning Approach,” WWU-CCER, Wilsonville, OR,  February 2001, 10.5 CRC contact hours

“Special Education Law and Advocacy Training/Congressional Lobbying Training,” Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Washington DC, March 2001, Florida Bar Association 23 contact hours

” Inside Out: What Makes The Person With NLD, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS & High Functioning Autism Tick?” Michelle Garcia Winner SLP, Clackamas, OR, March 2001, 12 ASHA contact hours

Adult Asperger Syndrome Clinical Study Group, Casework and Best Practices Issues, Lake Oswego, OR, co-founder/participant, started Feb 2001 to present, two hours monthly)

“The Creative Facilitator- Tools for Person-Centered Planning,” John O’Brien and Jack Pierpoint, Portland, OR, September 2001, 24 ACA contact hours

“Asperger Syndrome Through the School Years – Adolescent Issues in Middle and High School,” Brenda Smith-Myles and Diane Adreon, Portland, OR, October 2001, 12 ASHA contact hours

Celebrate Wellness II – A Two-Day Conference on Disability and Health, Oregon Health Sciences University, CDRC Disability and Health Program, Eugene, OR,  October 2001, 9 hours

FlexAbility 2001 Conference – Disability in the Workplace – The Law and Good Sense Policies for Competitive Businesses, Oregon State DHS and industry sponsors, Nike Campus, Beaverton, OR, October 2001, 8 hours

Autism-Oasis 2001 Conference, NW Autism Foundation, Portland, OR Dec 1, 2001, 7 hours

TASK Conference on Inclusion, Jewish Child and Family Service, Portland, OR, March 8-10, 2002, 4.5 hours

Autism Best Practices, Rural Education Institute of Northern California, Redding, May 13-14, 2002, 13 hours

Asperger Syndrome Case Study Group, Continuing Education, Two APA/NASW contact hours per meeting, (continued meetings every 4-5 weeks since November, 2000 to present)

Behavioral Healthcare Conference on Youth, Northwest Mental Health Institute, “Autism and Related Conditions,” Ami Klin, Ph.D., Portland, OR  June 28, 2002, 2 hours

ASA National Conference 2002, “Challenges and Champions” Indianapolis, IN, July 17-21, 2002, 25 APA/NASW contact hours

Developing Self-Employment for Persons with Disabilities, Western Washington University, CCER, Course 836, Portland, OR August 28-29, 2002, 14 CRC Contact Hours

Celebrate Wellness III – Two Day Conference on Disability and Health, Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon Office of Disability and Health, Eugene, October 3 and 4, 2002, 11.25 contact hours

Celebrate Wellness IV – Two Day Conference on Disability and Health, Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon Office of Disability and Health, Portland, Oct. 15, 16, 2003 11 contact hours

Washington State ESD 112 Regional Autism Consulting Cadre, “Focus on Autism“, Vancouver WA, Presentations and Workshops by Stephen Shore, M.Ed and David Pitonyak, Ph.D., October 11, 2002, 6.0 contact hours

Oregon Social Security Claimant Representatives Monthly Roundtable (since November, 2002) Multnomah County Bar Association Continuing Education hours 1 hour monthly)

Fourth Annual Diverseabilities Conference, “Claiming Disability Studies“, Portland State University, Portland, OR, May 15, 2003 (4 hours)

FlexAbility Conference II, “Resources and Strategies to Help Oregon Businesses Recruit, Employ and Retain People with Disabilities”, Portland, OR, May 16, 2003 (10 hours)

Autism Society of America National Conference Bridges to the Future, Pittsburgh, July 16-19, 2003, (18 hours, including 7.5 hours co-presentations)

Oregon Rehabilitation Activists Network 2nd Annual Conference, Resilience in a Changing World, Eugene, OR, July 29-30, 2003, (12 CRC hours)

Continuing Education of the Bar, Social Security Disability (Advanced), Oregon State Bar Association, February 18, 2004, (6.5 CLE hours)

Legal Issues in Supportive Housing, Michael Allen, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law; Ellen Johnson, Legal Aid Services of Oregon, Gresham, OR April 22, 2004 (Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon) (3.5 CEU hours)

Works in Progress – Creatying Jobs, Housing & Social Opportunities for Adults with Autism and Asperger Syndrome in the San FranciscoBay Area, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Coalition for Education, Networking, and Development, San Francisco, April 24, 2004(California Department of Vocational Rehabilition & Others) (5.5 CEU hours)

IDEA, ADA, Section 504,NCLB: Two Day Symposium by Reed Martin, Esq., California Adventure, Pomona Valley Learning Disabilities Association, First Annual Summer Symposium, Claremont, August 20-21,(14 CLE hours)

Joint Bench/Bar Disability Task Force Focus Group, Court Access Issues for persons with Developmental and Mental Health Impairments, Oregon Advocacy Center, May 31, 2005 (2 Hours)

Talk with Us, A Three-day Adult-Issues Conference, Asperger’s Syndrome Support Network, Queensland, Australia, October 20-22, 2005(12 hours)

Understanding the Difference Makes the Difference, An All-Day Conference on Asperger Syndrome Adult Clinical and Public Policy Issues, October 25, 2005 Sydney, Australia, (8 hours)

Part D Social Security Medicaire Benefits,  Disability Law Section, Oregon State Bar Association, Oregon Social Security Claimants Representatives, Dec 8, 2005 (2 hrs CLE)

Peeling Away the Mystery, 14th Annual Best in the Northwest Autism Conference, March 2-4, 2006, Autism Society of Washington (21.5 ASHA & Washington Education Association hours)

And how are the Children? – Children of Incarcerated Parents, Gresham Police Department, April 17-18, 2006 (11 hours)

Spirituality and the Autism Spectrum, Second Annual Autism Alive Conference, Portland State University, April 28, 2006, (4.5 hours)

What’s New Now? Two-day conference by Disability Business Technical Assistance Center (NW ADA Information Center, Portland, November 6-7, 2007 (11 hours)

Nonprofit Governance: Building Nonprofits Through Leadership and Education, Oregon Community Foundation et al, Portland, June 3, 2008, (3 hours)


Honors Thesis: Some Little Discussed Aspects of the Right of Assembly, Summa cum Laude Thesis, University of Minnesota, Department of Political Science, 1964

Social Services Manual: A Family Preparedness Guide for Union Members- Labor Action Family Questionnaire  Labor Community Services Agency, San Francisco Labor Council, Local Union 42, Millmen and Cabinetmakers, 1984

Training and Procedures Manual:”Handbook for Conciliation Trainers,” contributing author, Community Board Center for Policy and Training, Community Boards of San Francisco, CA, 1986

Manual: A Manual for Resolving Large Group Conflicts, Principal author, Community Boards of San Francisco, CA, 1986

Journal Article: “Self-Determination for People with Developmental Disabilities and Autism: Two Self-Advocates’ Perspectives,” Co-author with Michael J. Ward, Ph.D.,  Focus on Autism and  Other Developmental Disabilities, Vol 14, No 3, Fall, 1999

Proceedings: Counseling Asperger Syndrome Adults- It’s All in the Process (1999) Autism99 Internet Conference, November 13, 1999, Section 13, “Services”

Numerous articles on special education and the law, Oregon Parents United web site

Articles on adult issues, ASPIRES web site

Monograph: A Client/Family Case Study Highlighting the Failure of the Special Education Transition Process for Asperger Syndrome Young Adults, Western Washington University Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation, December, 1999

Monograph: Person-Centered-Planning Dilemmas of Center for Independent Living PeerCounselors- Study of Dual Relationships, Boundary Issues and Counseling Core ValueConflicts, Western Washington University Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation, January 2000

Workshops (2) “Navigating the Post High School Transition for Students 14 Years of Age and older;” Navigating the Post High School Transition for Young Adults who have Aged Out of the Special Education Service System, H.E.L.P. Group, UCLA, Asperger’s Syndrome Conference,  September 2000

In-Service: Introduction to Adult Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities for Young Adult Career Counselors, presentation and syllabus for employment service One-Stops, SE Works, Portland, OR, November 2000

Technical Manual: Using O*Net 98 – Introduction to a Major Interactive Career Planning Tool, self-guided instructional materials for career guidance professionals, SE Works, Portland OR, December, 2000

Book: Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook – An Employment Workbook for  Adults with Asperger Syndrome (2001) Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London

Co-Presentation: Introduction to Adult Asperger Syndrome for Social Work Professionals, presentation materials and syllabus, Graduate School of Social Work, Portland State University, Portland, OR, February 2001

Syllabus and Course Outline: Counseling adults with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism, co-author Lisa Lieberman, MSW-LCSW, syllabus and instructional materials for 9 hour continuing education introductory course for counseling professionals PortlandCommunity College, Institute for Health Professionals, Fall Semester, 2000; utilized for clinical professional Study Group Instruction, Lake Oswego, OR,  (NASW/APA contact hours) Fall-Winter 2000-2001

Presentation: Transition and Employment Challenges Issues for Young Adults, Vancouver, Washington Asperger Syndrome Parents Support Group, May 2001

Presentation: Asperger Syndrome and Autism Services in the Portland Metropolitan Area – Resource Riches and Policy Poverty, Celebrate Wellness II Conference, Eugene, OR, October 2001

Adult Rating Scale for Asperger Syndrome-an Age and Task-Specific Revision of the Garnett/Attwood (1995) Australian Scale for Asperger Syndrome, submission to Autism Program, Kansas University Medical School and School of Special Education, October 2001;Self-Published for use as diagnostic and self-assessment tool for counselors and clients

Presentation: How to be Odd and Get Even–A Creative View of the Challenge of Change, Eugene Asperger Advocacy Coalition, Eugene, OR, January 8, 2002

Keynote: Twists and Turns after High School, co-presentation with author Stephen Shore, Jewish Family and Child Service TASK Conference, Portland, OR, March 10, 2002

Co-presentation: Employment and Training for a Successful Future,” with Patty Sexton, Job Developer, Jewish Family and Child Service TASK Conference, Portland, OR, March 10, 2002

Presentation: Adult Diagnosis and the Aftermath; The Good Counseling Experience and Working the System,” Autism Society of Los Angeles, March 16, 2002

Presentation: Person-Centered Planning for Young and Mature Adults — How can I be in Charge of my Life?, Autism Society of Los Angeles, March 16, 2002

Presentation: How to Be Odd and Get Even: A Personal Perspective, Area2 Best Practices-Autism Conference, Redding, CA, May 14, 2002

Presentation: Person-Centered Planning — Asking the Right Questions, Area2 Best Practices-Autism Conference, Redding,CA, May 14, 2002

Presentation: Adulthood…To be or not to be — That IS the question, Area2 Best Practices-Autism Conference, Redding, CA, May 14, 2002

Co-Presentation: Yes, they do get married:  a Group Model for Supporting Couples on the ASD Spectrum, with Lisa Lieberman, LCSW, Area2 Best Practices-Autism Conference, Redding, CA, May 13, 2002

Proceedings: A Couples Group for People with Aspergers and their Partners:  A Successful Model and  Discussion of Key Issues, co-author Lisa Lieberman, LCSW, Autism Society of America, Champions and Challenges 2002 National Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders, America, Indianapolis, IN, July 19, 2002

Presentation: Dynamics of Adult Hidden Cognitive Disability Diagnosis; The Adult Clinical Experience; An Introduction to Self-Advocacy,presentation, Celebrate Wellness III Conference, Oregon Office on Disability and Health, Oregon Institute on Disability and Development, OHSU/CDRC, October 3, 2002, Eugene, OR

Presentation and workshop: Hidden Disabilities and Disclosure Issues , Portland StateUniversity Asperger Syndrome and Autistic Students Alliance, March 12, 2003

Proceedings: A Positive Approach to Counseling for Adults on Spectrum: Bridges to Understanding, co-author Lisa Lieberman, LCSW, Autism Society of AmericaNational Conference Bridges to the Future 2003, Pittsburgh, PA, July 18, 2003

Co-presentation: Self-Advocacy through Organizational Leadership, Selecting Appropriate Helping Professionals and Managing your own Case, Pre-Conference Workshop ” Building Skills in Self-Advocacy and Disclosure,” Autism Society of America National Conference,Bridges to the Future, Pittsburgh, July 16, 2003

Proceedings: Social Security Documentation – Strategy and Tactics for Adult Claimants, Autism Society of America National Conference Bridges to the Future, Pittsburgh, July 16,  2003

Lecture:  ASD, Sensory Issues, and the Role of the Teacher as a Civic Virtues Role Model, University of Oregon Department of Special Education and Community Resources, Foundations of Disability II, Eugene, OR, August 6, 2003

Presentation: Managing your own Case and Advocating for Others, Celebrate Wellness IV, Oregon Office on Disability and Health, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, October 16, 2003

Keynote address:  Asperger Syndrome and Employment; Peer-Led Asperger Syndrome Support Groups; and employment workshop, AASCEND Conference, San Francisco, April 24, 2004

Chapter:  Being your own Case Manager.Self-Management of your own Case in Adult Service Agencies, in Ask and Tell – Self-Advocacy  and Disclosure for People on the Autistic  SpectrumStephen Shore, ed, Autism/Asperger Publishing Company (2004)

Presentation: (Workshop) Self-Disclosure and Advocacy for Young Adults, Pomona Valley Learning Disability Association Conference, Claremont, August 21, 2004

Chapter:  TheWay We Think, in Voices from the Spectrum:  Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Friends, Helpers and People with Autism Tell Their Stories, C. Ariel, R Naseef, eds, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2006)

Presentation and Workshop:  Dynamics of the Diagnostic Experience; Checklist Discussion for AS Adults Choosing an Effective Counselor, Conference:  Autism Advocacy Alive, Asperger Syndrome and Autistic Students Alliance (ASASA), Portland State University, May 15, 2005

Keynote and Power Point Presentation: An Asperger Adult Personal Counseling Consumer Checklist, Brisbane Australia Conference “Talking with Us” October 20, 2005

Presentation and Workshop: Modeling Success in Peer-Led Adult Support Groups – Portland Asperger Syndrome Adult Support GroupBrisbane Australia Conference “Talking with Us” October 20, 2005

Presentation and Workshop: Asperger Syndrome Parents and Other Family Members in Denial, Brisbane Australia Conference “Talking with US” October 21, 2005

Presentation and Workshop: Barriers – Poltics, Practice and Policy – Where do we go from Here? Brisbane Australia Conference “Talking with Us” October 21, 2005

Conference Proceedings: A New Paradigm for More Able Late Diagnosed Adult Personal Counseling, Brisbane Australia, “Talking with Us” October 20 – 23, 2005

Lecture, Power Point Presentation and Workshop: Two Adult Asperger Diagnostician and Personal Counselor Consumer Checklists, ASPIA Conference “Understanding the Difference Makes the Difference,” Sydney Australia October 24, 2005

Lecture, Power Point Presentation and Workshop: Preview of International Research Findings – Peer Led AS Adult Support Groups, ASPIA Conference, “Understanding the Difference Makes the Difference,” Sydney Australia October 24, 2005

Lecture, Power Point Presentation and Workshop: Healing the Wounds of a Family in Denial-Understanding Autism as a Spectrum Condition within our Entire Autism Community, ASPIA Conference, “Understanding the Difference Makes the Difference,” Sydney Australia October 24, 2005

Lecture, Power Point Presentation and Workshop:  Systemic Barriers to Understanding Autism – Political, Organizational and Attitudinal Challenges Within the Human Services Community, ASPIA Conference, “Understanding the Difference Makes the Difference,” Sydney Australia October 24, 2005

Panel Co-Presentation, Sharing the Adult Experience, Autism Society of Washington, 14th Annual “Best in the Northwest” Conference, Vancouver, WA March 3, 2006

Power Point Presentation and Workshop, An Asperger Syndrome Consumer’s Checklist for Late Adult Diagnosis and Personal CounselingUtilizing a Strength-Based Adult Educational Problem-Solving Paradigm, Autism Society of Washington, 14th Annual “Best in theNorthwest” Conference, Vancouver, WA March 3, 2006

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Training, Introduction to Asperger Syndrome; Case Management Techniques, Salem, OR branch counselors, 3 CRC hours, Brooks, OR, September 6, 2006


Owner, “…of a different mind” a disability advocacy, training, and consulting service, Portland, OR, 1998-present Journeyman Union Cabinetmaker, 1972-1998, San Francisco, CA, and Portland, OR local unions

Licensed General Contractor (Residential Redevelopment and Remodeler), Portland, OR 1996-1997

Hardware and Tools Sales Associate, Home Depot, Portland, OR, 1996

Apprenticeship Instructor, Local Union 42/2236, San Francisco, CA, 1985-1987

Self-employed cabinetmaker, San Francisco, CA, 1972-1978

Union Apprentice, Journeyman Cabinetmaker, San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR 1972-1998

Social Services Unit Administrator, San Francisco County Department of Social Services, SanFrancisco, CA 1968-70

Volunteer Youth and Young Adult Counselor, The Off Ramp, San Francisco, CA  1968-1971

US Army Personnel Administration Instructor; Training Battalion Chief Clerk, Intelligence Specialist and German Linguist (Fort Knox, Ky, Pentagon, Arlington, VA) 1965-68

Community Involvement

Community Mental Health Citizens Advisory Board, Mission District, San Francisco, CA, 1969-1972

CETA Staff , Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, San Francisco, CA, 1971-1972

Member, Board of Directors, Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, San Francisco, CA, 1972-1976

Member, Millmen and Cabinetmakers Local 42/2236, San Francisco, CA, 1973-1989

Elected at-large member, Bay Area Counties Mill-Cabinet Industrial Contract Negotiating Committee , San Francisco, CA, 1981-1988

Executive Board, Local Union 42, Millmen and Cabinetmakers, San Francisco, CA, 1981-1989

Chairman and member local neighborhood advisory board, Visitacion Valley Community Boards, San Francisco, CA, 1981-1983

Community Boards of San Francisco, Mediation Trainer and Volunteer Staff , San Francisco, CA, 1979-1989

Oregon Food Bank, Food Pantry Site Inspector, Portland, OR, 1989-1990

Member, Local Union 611, Shipwrights and Carpenters, Portland, OR, 1989-1990

Member, Local Union 1120, Millmen and Cabinetmakers, Strike and Social Services Committee, Portland, OR, 1990-1998

Co-Founder, Oregon Parents United, Webmaster and listserv co-administrator 1998-2005

Legal affairs coordinator, Oregon Parents United, 1998-2008

Founder and moderator, Portland Asperger Syndrome Adult Support Group, Portland, OR, September 1998-present

Peer Counselor, Independent Living Resources Center, Portland, OR,  1999-2000

Member, Program Committee, Joint Board/Staff/Consumers, Independent Living Resources Center, Portland, OR, 1999-2000

Asperger Consultant to the Executive Director, Northwest Center for Independent Living, Portland, OR, 2000-2005

Member, PDX Aspergers Network (Parents and Professionals), Portland, OR, 1999-present

Founder and Co-Facilitator, Portland Asperger Partners Group, Portland, OR,  July 2000-present

Co-Founder, and listserv co-administrator, Asperger Syndrome Partners: Individuals, Resources, Encouragement and Support (ASPIRES)  December 2000-present

Co-Moderator, Portland Asperger Syndrome Multidisciplinary Clinical Case Study Group, 2000 – present

Member, Advisory Board, Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome Coalition for Education, Networking and Development (AASCEND), San Francisco Bay Area  (2004 – present)

President, MAX Condominiums Homeowners Association, 2001 – 2003

Secretary, MAX Condominiums Homeowners Association, 2004 – present

Secretary Treasurer, Rockwood Neighborhood Association, Gresham, OR, December, (2001-03)

President, Rockwood Neighborhood Association, Gresham OR,  (2003 – present)

President, Gresham Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (2006-2007)

Secretary, Oregon Social Security Claimants Representatives (2004 – present)

County Commissioner, Multnomah County Commission on Housing and Community Development Commission; member, Special Needs Housing Committee and Families with Disabilities Task Force (2004-2005)  appointed January 2002; reappointed for three-year term June 4, 2002, City Council, City of Gresham

Member, West Gresham/Rockwood Urban Renewal Political Action Committee, (April – November 2003)

Member, Independent Living Resources Center (CIL) , Portland, Board of Directors (2006)

Secretary, Independent Living Resources Center Board of Directors (2006 – present)

Honorary Societies

Phi Beta Kappa, University of Minnesota, 1963

Professional Organizations (Past and Current)

Cascadia Chapter, American Society for Training and Development

Oregon Mediation Association

Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR)

American Counseling Association

National Employment Counseling Association

Association for Specialists in Group Work

International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors

National Career Development Association

Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA)

Oregon Social Security Claimant Representatives

Disability Law Section, Oregon State Bar Association

Regularly Recurring Professional Continuing Education Hours

APA (Oregon Psychological Association) Asperger Syndrome Study Group 2 hours monthly, Professional Offices of Lisa Lieberman, MSW-LCSW, Lake Oswego, OR

ABA (Multnomah Bar Association) Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives 1 hour monthly, CLE’s as certified by Disability Law Section, Oregon State Bar Association, Multnomah Neighborhood Legal Assistance, Portland, OR

Business Enterprises

Owner, “…of a different mind”.  ADA and Section 504 disability advocacy, special education   (K-12) advocacy, social-security representation, comprehensive private case management, group facilitation, community and private alternate dispute resolution (mediation), disability career guidance and person-centered planning, vendor to Oregon Department of Human Services, cognitive interpreter for individuals with significant impairment in adult community corrections

Associate, BOLD Consultants   A consortium of career consultants specializing in self- employment for persons with disabilities

Owner, Serendipity Sound, conference and on-site performance audio and video recording, Portland, OR

Contact Information

Roger N. Meyer
18162 East Burnside
Portland, OR  97233
Phone and FAX:  503-666-2776
Cell:  503-358-6463