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(Current as of late April, 2005)


     There's so much research now being conducted with ASD adults in what has become the autism industry that I can't keep up with it.  Some webmasters have a full time job just keeping track of who's doing what.  While I'm interested in results, I'm an occasional on-line participant in a few ongoing research projects.  By temperament, I'm more of a trench-digger than a high wire artiste, so I usually have only one project on the boil at any given time.


     On this page, you'll encounter research I'm conducting myself.  If others chose to pick up reference to what I'm doing, that would be nice, but I don't go about chasing research participants down.


     At present, I have only a single project, but it's a big one.    To view the project's Phase I Article, click here.  Please click on the link below if you have an interest in what I'm doing, or know someone who might be a good participant.


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