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     Although not a licensed professional, I have been a personal and organizational consultant and a counselor in every respect except "the legal one" for over forty years.  These articles, and others to be added, reflect my background and my approach to counseling.  There are other articles on counseling scattered throughout this web site, so please click on other topic areas likely to have them linked to their index pages.


     Each title is a link.   Click anywhere on the title to access the article.



New Paradigm for More Able Late Adult Personal Counseling


Finding Good Diagnosticians and Counselors


Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis and Checklist for Finding a Good Counselor


Counseling AS Adults -- It's All in the Process

Establishing the Working Relationship --Observations on Counselor Sensitivity to the Dynamics of Counseling with   Asperger Syndrome Adults

Handling Public Temper Tantrums with a Difficult Young Asperger Client

How not to Start a Therapeutic Relationship


Self Help - Observations on AS Adults Feeling Bored and Stuck

Values, Strategies, and Nuts and Bolts --The Logistics of Facilitating an AS Partners Group




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