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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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     Everything on this website is copyright by me, or, if I've assigned my copyright to others, I have received their written permission to re-publish it here.  I also have some works of others, primarily my mother, who was known by her professional name as Bee Baxter and Bee Baxter Meyer, to which I have assigned a copyright.  All Rights Reserved means that I retain the right to deny permission to others to copy, re-publish, alter, or in any way take material on this entire web site or any part of it, represent it as their own, plagiarize it, use it for personal gain or professional self-aggrandizement, or otherwise "rip me off."  I don't like that term, but if you're doing any of these things without my express written permission -- a phone call isn't enough -- you're breaking the law, and, quite frankly, my heart.

      When others discover what you've done, they won't think you're clever.  There are other words they'll use or think of, and more than likely they won't be pleasant.

      My writings are my babies.  Parents tend to get protective about their kids, and I am about mine. 

      Please bear in mind that if I discover that you've taken my material and used it without my permission, except for fair use, which I describe below, I may make a big stink about what you've done.

      Remember.  Aspies are persistent.  They also have long memories.  Unfortunately, we often retain a first impression of people long after things have gotten better.  So give yourself every break you can.

      Be nice.

      If you're a student, I will probably contact you first and ask you to stop.  If you aren't around or don't return my contact, I will notify your school, your professors, or your program or dissertation committee persons, and blow the whistle on you.  If you have made it through several levels of post-secondary education, each step further imposes an absolute obligation on you to follow the rules regarding intellectual property with much greater attention than a person whose livelihood or education doesn't depend so much upon their personal integrity or professional reputation as a cheat and a thief.

      If you are an educator, then shame on you.  "Educational Use" has a loose meaning, but it does not mean "Go for Broke" or "Reserve the Copy Machine for a Day" to copy my stuff.  That's a no-no.  If you breaka da rules, rest assured I will come after you.  Or I'll send my friend Vinnie around, if you get my drift.

      If you are a presenter, or a person who makes his or her living on the rubber chicken or conference or workshop circuit, and use my material without my express written permission, I will go after you for money damages.  That means lawyers; that means injunctions.  That means all kinds of unpleasantries which I'm sure you'd much rather avoid.  Please rest assured that if you take from me, I will be very public about my displeasure.  Simple as that.  You don't pay?  You don't play!  I'm fair, but I am a stickler about unjust enrichment.

      If you have a web site, or a Zine, if you run a Blog or do things in downloadable format, whether audio and/or video or print, if your indiscretions have been brought to my attention, I will ask you to stop until we've talked about it.  If you don't, I may go after your host site or your host administrator and have a little heart to heart conversation with that person, discussing what deliberate indifference and reasonable person standards are all about.  We'll also talk about business liability and reputations and all that jazz.

      If you are in a country or a place that allows theft of intellectual property, sheer out and out piracy, and actually thrives on it, I'll do everything I can do, with others, to shut you down, just on the basis of the principal of the thing.

      If you're pumping up your reputation by either ripping off others or misrepresenting what they say, do, or write, there is such a thing as Karma, isn't there?  Somewhere along the line, it'll come back and bitecha in the butt.

 Fair Use

      This is a touchy one.  I will use the standards regarding fair, academic use and  educational us, as they are defined by law and court decisions in my jurisdiction, not yours.

      What this means, basically, is, "When in doubt, check it out."  Check it out with me, not your lawyers, not your friends, not even your school advisors.  Check with me.  In most cases, you'll find I'm very fair and easy to get along with.  I want people to read my work, but this means, at a minimum, I will expect that you attribute my material to me, not yourself, that you identify me by name, and the source of what you're using -- this seems only fair, doesn't it? -- and when you accessed my material.  When is important, because sometimes I'll change what I've written, and people comparing that change against what you've used will be confused.  So be fair.

 Granting Express Written Permission

      When I do grant permission for you to re-use my material, I will attach conditions to that use.  It may be the number of copies.  It may be that if you're using my material as a separate handout, I'll want you to identify yourself and my attribution information on that separate material.  I may ask you not to use it in one context or setting, but OK its use in another.  It's up to you to tell me how and when you're going to use it so I can be fair, and even kind. 

      And yes, I can be fair, kind, and reasonable.  I'm not as grouchy or unbending as I appear in this section on copyright.

      If I refuse to allow you to use my material, take my response as a "No."  No means No.  No excuses, no fancy Aspie or pathological logic that exempts you from the "hot stove and the baby" meaning of "Don't touch."

      Alright.  We've gotten through the caveats.  If you want to use my material, please contact me.  Simple as that.  I need to know who you are, so no playing around with false names or adopting another person's identity.  Provide me with your street or postal address, including zip or area code.  If you contact me by Email, make sure you don't change your Email address before I get back to you, otherwise a question asked but not heard or read is no excuse to proceed blithely on your way to do anything you want with my stuff.  Provide a working telephone number, with the same rule applying for Email addresses, above

      Then tell me what, exactly, you'd like to use.  Quote the full section, not just a few starting words and a few stopping words.  The whole thing.  I expect you to use my material in full, and if you redact or edit it, I retain the right to say "Enough is Enough about your editing.  It you edit it too much, you may twist my meaning, or use my material in a way no reasonable person would intend or expect it to be used.  So, no quoting out of context to make your point while disrespecting mine.

      Tell me how many copies you wish to make, and in what media my words will appear.

      Finally, if you are a serious person, you would do well to copyright your own work, unless copyright is inappropriate, such as with a school paper or a dissertation or thesis that's submitted for grading or evaluation.  Otherwise, "publication" means just that.  Do yourself a favor and protect yourself from having your writing containing my stuff abused or taken out of context by others.

 My contact information:

 Roger N. Meyer
"...of a different mind"
Disability Advocacy, Representation
and Comprehensive Case Management
18162 East Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97233
Phone: 503-666-2776
Email: rogernmeyer@earthlink.net
Web Site: http://www.rogernmeyer.com

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