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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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     I'm usually reachable by phone during my business hours, from 8 AM to 5 PM, weekdays, and often on Saturdays. However, I do spend a fair amount of time during business hours in the field, working with clients and attending meetings.

     If you want to reach me "almost any time," Email is best. If you want to talk, please include your telephone number as well as yo

ur name. It never ceases to amaze me how many folks make contact without providing that basic level of "contact me back" information. If it's "telephone time," I'd rather conduct business on your nickel, not mine.

     If you need resources or a brief consultation, your first hour of telephone time with me is without charge. When you call, have paper and pencil, or computer handy because I'm an information and referral specialist. Don't expect me to follow up with a confirmatory Email unless we've made such arrangements in our phone conversation. If it looks as though your call or your needs may exceed a hour's time on the telephone, be prepared for me to ask you about your needs at the beginning of the conversation. The charge clock starts ticking at "Consultation Rate" after the first hour.

     I do not maintain this web site as a data base, and I can't keep up with all new developments in the fields in which I'm interested and list them for you. I often don't even have time to list them for myself, but I do remember them and how I found them. I have the same philosophy about links. Except for links to internally archived articles on this web site, I do not list a lot of external links. That's what any good search engine is for. If you've found this page, I assume you know how to do a good Internet search.

     Here's my contact information:

Roger N. Meyer
"...of a different mind"
Disability Advocacy, Representation
and Comprehensive Case Management
18162 East Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97233
Phone: 503-666-2776
Email: rogernmeyer@earthlink.net
Web Site: http://www.rogernmeyer.com

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