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     Once I turned the corner on a certain age, even some of these articles read a bit strangely to me.  But here's their value:  I've come to what my feelings are, now, about the relationship between parents and children by having re-thought that relationship myself once I recognized how crucial the impact of AS is upon both the parent and the child.  All of the articles initially posted on this part of the web site reflect that re-thinking. 


     That's one of the reasons I'm now concentrating on the issues of adult children, and even more importantly, on re-defining parents' thoughts about their adult children and themselves, whether they're single parents or partners refining or finally finding their relationships with other adults not their children. People don't get married just to become parents.  They look at life beyond childrearing as the reason to stay together. 




     Not at all.  That's the human condition, and that's a reason why no culture's laws  require having children as a condition of marriage. 


     As children, we live an average of thirty five years beyond the death of our parents.  Although the first articles, posted by title in this section, reflect more of the young child/emerging adult issues common to parent inquisitiveness, I've seen how many parents find it as difficult as their adult children to think differently of themselves now that their child has "come of age." 


     I've now moved beyond answering parenting questions to asking partnership and marriage-relationship questions.  Eventually, articles addressing this second stage of parent/child concerns will appear here as well.


     Each article's title, below, is a link.  Place your mouse over a title, double click, and the article will appear.


A Mother and Daughter Thing

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The Evil Label of Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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Misdiagnosis, Diagnosis, Services and Advocacy

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