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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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"...of a different mind"



 Click on each title below, which is a link to the business form  Some of them are formatted for my customized stationary.  When client's contact me, I will mail you these forms by snail mail to fill out.  I just post these forms for educational and advocacy purposes.



ADA Advocacy Authorization word     
Cognitive Interpreter Agreement P. 1 word     
Cognitive Interpreter Agreement P. 2 word     
Consultation Services Agreement (Generic) word     
Electronic Recording Authorization word     
Fee Structure and Billing Practices for Private Clients word     
General Release and Authorization to Advocate and Represent word     
HIPAA Release and Authorization Side 1 word     
HIPAA Release and Authorization Side 2 word     
Individual and Family Assessment Intake word     
Media Release Form (Serendipity Sound) word     
Social Security Appeal Fee Agreement word    
Social Security Contract to Represent word    
Special Education Advocacy Agreement word    
Special Education Representative word    


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