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Fee Structure and Billing Practices

for Private Clients


      This schedule supersedes any fee schedule published prior to September 25, 2004.  This schedule expands the 3-way hourly costs structure found in the Agreement for Services.

      Time is billed by the quarter hour.  All fractions of a quarter hour in excess of five minutes are billed on the basis of "rounded up" time to the next quarter hour.  As an example, twenty minutes will be billed as one-half hour.

      Invoices will be mailed to the person responsible for payment of fees following the end of each month.  Unless other arrangements are recorded in writing, full payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.  Client failure to pay within a twenty day period commencing with the date of the invoice may be grounds for immediate termination of the contractual relationship.

      Consulting:  $60.00/hr.  With each new client and his/her family member(s), the first hour of consulting is conducted at no charge.  Thereafter, a consulting fee applies.  "Consulting" includes but is not limited to face-to-face problem solving and consultation with the individual client and his/her family members and service providers who may or may not have been previously seen in person.  Lengthy telephone conversations beyond short contact and update calls will be charged at this rate, on a quarterly hour basis.  Consulting time also includes time spent with the client and/or family members during transportation to and from single or multiple appointments and agency contacts.  (Travel and personal transport for such purposes is considered "business use" requiring special insurance coverage and elevated liability limits.)

     Administrative:  $40.00/hr.  "Administrative" refers to telephone contacts designed to coordinate services, set and change appointments, clarify information provided or to request additional information of the client, his/her family, service providers, medical, mental health, and other evaluating and/or treating professionals.  It also refers to time spent in information and referral search and instructions, location and selection of professionals for examinations and evaluations, review of written documentation and records provided by others, organization of materials provided by clients, their families, and service providers into folders or jackets designed for frequent consultation or submission to others, including educational or adult service or benefits/entitlement agencies.  In-person time spent reviewing, securing or duplicating official records of providers or at agencies is billed at this rate.  Except for consulting or advocacy, if the contract with the client also includes "case management," time spent performing tasks in this paragraph will be billed as case management time.  Time billed also includes the time required to receive and transmit Faxes, placing and receiving local and long distance calls including cellular calls.  Such time also includes the time involved in handling and duplicating documents at commercial printing services, including travel to and from such business locations, and mailing or shipping materials.

      Advocacy:  $80.00/hr.  Advocacy is herein defined as face-to-face time spent with providers and agency personnel on behalf of the client's interests with or without the presence of the client, but with the client's permission and informed consent.  Advocacy may involve cognitive interpretive services with the client, as well as explanations and clarifications of programs and procedures to client, his/her family, and others.

     Media and Media Transfer.  I use either a mini-disk recorder or a solid state compact flash digital sound recorder to record conversations and work sessions for the benefit of clients requiring an audio record.  Costs of transferring audio recordings to cassette tape or CD redbook (standard) format differ depending upon the length of the recording and the time taken to reproduce the original at a real-time rate.  I will retain original, unedited wav. files in archive during the time the case is open.  Copies provided to others are designed to prevent over-recording.  The final cost of media involves cost of the media a small fee for setting up the transfer process, the cost of the tape or CD, and a small charge for use of specialized equipment for this purpose.  If video recording is requested or needed, a different cost structure is involved.  That cost depends upon the equipment being used and the conditions under which video footage is recorded (and/or edited).  Ordinarily, transfer will be made from Digital Video Cassette to either standard VHS format or consumer grade DVD.

      Mileage:  $.50/mile minimum.  Mileage is charged on a portal-to-portal basis, inclusive of all destinations visited.  Note:  Mileage fee may be adjusted upwards to reflect changes in fuel prices at the pump.

      Travel Time:  $15.00/hr.  Travel time shall be assessed at this rate for any travel requiring over one-half hour one-way, door-to-door.  If lengthy travel is required to view records or visit a resource, that travel shall be billed at the above rate over and above mileage charged for the same time on the road.  Every effort will be made to reduce travel time and to consolidate and coordinate stops in the event travel involves more than a single destination.  If the client and/or his/her family members accompany Mr. Meyer in the same vehicle, such accompaniment shall be charged at the consulting rate (see above) on a portal to portal timed basis.

      Other - Direct Expenses (Miscellaneous).  All expenses identified in this paragraph are billed at cost.  There are occasions where private professional testing and evaluation is necessary to perfect a Social Security claim or further special education advocacy.  Ordinarily I do not advance payment for such testing, but exceptions can be made. Whether the case is won or lost, I expect to be paid for such out-of-pocket expenses.  Other direct expenses include parking lot and meter charges, postage and mailing expenses, duplicating and printing costs at commercial locations, long distance calls and faxes and other expenses documented by receipt or record.  Every effort will be made to reduce records reproduction costs or request exemption from the cost of record copying if allowed by law, regulations, or agency policy and practice.  After payment, agency/provider records reproduction costs will be billed to the client.


 Roger N. Meyer
"...of a different mind"
Disability Advocacy, Representation
and Comprehensive Case Management
18162 East Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97233
Phone: 503-666-2776
Email: rogernmeyer@earthlink.net
Web Site: http://www.rogernmeyer.com


I have read and received a copy of this fee structure and billings practices document.


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