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     People often ask me whether I've written anything differently.  Well, yes, the answer is that I have.  Aspies aren't all dry as burnt toast.  Even in some of the more staid topic areas of this web site, you'll see that I do use different styles for different purposes.


     In addition to having some literary merit, all on their own, these writings are more personal in nature.  That doesn't mean they don't deliver value.  Try some out and see what you think.


     Incidentally, despite a biographically-oriented swing to some articles on this website, I find it more difficult to write coherently about myself.  I may be a good story teller, but not about me.  In addition to going on and on and on, I often leave the listener exhausted, trying to figure out the when's of my personal stories.  I keep on jumping back and forth in time.  When and if I become more disciplined, I may take a whack at a full-blown chronological biography.  I still think such a wholesale approach to biography is boring.  In the meantime, readers will just have to be satisfied with bits and pieces.


     Each title is a link.   Click anywhere on the title to access the article.


  To Marry or Not

  A Family and a Funeral

 Autobiography -- Early and High School Years

Barry and Me

  From Smirk to Smile

 I Have to Tell You

 My Pigeons Come Home to Roost

On Being Too Busy

  Sandy and Me

 Social Incompatability, My Dad, Friendship, Leadership and Change

 Thank You -- My One Blatant Self-Promotional Testimonial and Response


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