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Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook




     Each of the articles linked below offers a different description of my 2001 book.  Since its publication, this first book addressing adult employment of AS individuals has been joined by several others which have addressed specialized issues of preparation for career choice (Developing Talents, 2004, Grandin and Duffy; job development issues for professionals in How to Find Work that Works for People with Asperger Syndrome, 2004, Hawkins; and the challenges of surviving in a management position in Managing with Asperger Syndrome, 2005, Johnson).  I hope there will be many more to come.


     In addition to these fine books, there are others that deal more globally with the full range of autistic spectrum disorder adults and work.  As one would expect, there are a number of books, chapters and articles dedicated to the special challenge issues of individuals, who, for want of a better word (still!) are relatively lower in over all functioning.


A side note about book buying and the business of publishing


     As a person on a limited income, I appreciate the value of bargains.  There are some Internet book sellers who do offer genuine deals on the purchase of new books.  If you can find an unmarked used copy of my book, by all means, snatch it up.   However, buyers should be aware of the incidental costs of shipping and handling that come along with bargain prices.  Once you tote up the final cost of your bargain, you might discover that visiting your local bookstore is both cheaper and more personally satisfying.


     I personally favor patronizing one's local merchants, whether they be small hole-in-the-wall operations, or a well-run franchise.  Price isn't my only consideration when choosing where to shop.  I chose my publisher (Jessica Kingsley Publishing) because she believes in three things:  Books she produces are affordable, well-written, and widely distributed.  She is a consummate businessperson.  She understands the realities of the publishing business, which includes valuing readers' preferences in shopping and browsing.  That's why she's developed a good business relationship with book listing services to assure that her entire catalogue, her complete book list, is known to the browsing public when they visit their local bookstore, no matter whether it's an independent bookseller, or a big box store.  It costs money to position one's business that way.  She has chosen to invest her company's money in this type of marketing, rather than expensive whirlwind tours for her authors, and high stakes promotional games with big box book stores.  Her business judgment has proven to be sound.


     For folks shy about committing themselves to social interaction, among all the choices of a "retail experience," bookstores are a generally safe playing field.  Avid readers of the kind of information promoted on this web site tend to be a respectful, safe bunch.  When weighing whether to buy my book or explore literature related to topics of interest to you that I've touched on here, do consider patronizing your local bookstore.  Who knows?  That might be one of the safer places to strike up a casual, interest-based conversation which could lead to....Whatever.



     Each of the items below is a link to material about my first book on employment.



Book Contents and Chapter Outline


Questions and Answers about the Book


Tony Attwood Reviews the Book

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