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An employment workbook for adults with Asperger Syndrome

by Roger N. Meyer, foreword by Tony Attwood





    Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, January 2001, this workbook is designed as a self-paced guide for mature adults with Asperger Syndrome.  Through a complete review of three periods in the reader's work life, this guide assists the reader to compose his/her autobiographical work history based on understanding the impact of Asperger Syndrome (AS) on their employment experiences.  The book can be ordered at all retail stores, big box outlets,  on-line book sellers, or directly from the publisher.


$25.95 (US)  ISBN 1 85302 796 0 (paper) 319 pages with appendices and index




Three Jobs: a thorough review of the conditions of each representative period job covering working conditions, a detailed breakdown of tasks; how tasks were learned and assessment of task learning  and performance ease.


Interests, Skills, and Talents: complete listing of all interests, skills, and talents and evaluation of the role of these factors in each job and with each task.


Learning and Work Styles: review of total learning experiences; identification of styles, evaluation of   learning and work styles within jobs across tasks, and assessment of style patterns across job periods and job tasks.


Social Skills: review and analysis of critical social skills needed at work for each job period, as assessed by  others, not the writer.


AS Challenges: behaviors and manifestations impeding and furthering work experience.


Personal Tools and Strategies: survival strategies, accommodations, work-arounds, and tricks which do and  don't work in each job period- an inventory and invitation to housecleaning.


Diagnosis and Disclosure: questions prompting a detailed look at the diagnosis decision and the  implications of disclosure on the job.


My Wish List: given the law on disability, the present state of self-advocacy, and the reader/writer's needs, this is an invitation to creative problem solving.


    Although this book is designed for self-use, it can serve as a valuable asset to transition counselors, employment and career counseling professionals, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and professionals encountering Asperger Syndrome adults with work-related issues.  Human resources and employee assistance program (EAP) counselors may find it a valuable guide to this little known pervasive development disorder.  Finally, it may prove of use to parents and other caregivers to youth and young adults in transition between the world of school and work.




    Roger N. Meyer is a Portland Oregon resident.  He was diagnosed with AS in 1997.  He was a cabinetmaker for 26 years.  The author is trained in person-centered and cognitive behavioral counseling.  He was a rank and file activist with his local union, an apprentice instructor and a community  mediator.  Since he left the trade five years ago, he has founded a support group for AS adults that meets monthly.  He co-facilitates a partners group in which one or both partners are on the autistic spectrum.  With a colleague, he has conducted introductory workshops for adult counseling professionals interested in understanding AS and working with adults.  He maintains a private case management practice for families with young adults with AS, and is a transition specialist, disability advocate and parent/student advocate in the public schools and adult community service agencies.  Roger conducts person-centered planning trainings and in-service trainings on AS and adult learning disabilities.  He is a member of the the American Counseling Association, Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, the American Society for Training and Development, and the Oregon Mediation Association.  He is active in Portland community politics.


 Copy Right Issues

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