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     As this web site is being built, and as it will stand, it will always be a work in progress.  I express myself best in my writing; secondly in my spoken words.  You know how us Aspies are...many of us are too wordy, and I fall into that category.  My writing on the other hand, is a place where I can impose discipline, and, hopefully, less pain on you.

Biographical Pieces

     As you read through these personal articles, letters, and thoughts to myself expressed out loud, you'll encounter a side of me I rarely share with folks during my formal speeches, presentations, or the books and chapters that have already been published.  For the most part, autobiographical writings are personal, and I've found that most men, not just AS men, aren't as comfortable writing about themselves fully as are Asperger Syndrome women.  Yes, our brains are different, but our socialization is as well and it's a rare man who can offer soft side writing about himself until he reaches an advanced age.  While most of us Aspies pay little attention to age issues, the one thing that does characterize the writing of many AS women is how insightful they are about their own emotional states of being much younger than AS men of the same age.

     A guy thing?  Yes, I think it is.  Simon Baron-Cohen's written a lot about this difference, and to a large extent, I agree with him, at least in terms of what he's found in his research.  We should all pay attention to these differences, but not adopt a slavish frame of reference towards those explanations.

     So, in my bits and pieces of life writings you'll see a progression to my present thinking and being a more sentient and feeling person compared with some of the earlier introspective, often angry and confused writing of my "recently diagnosed" years.  I've changed, and like most folks, AS or not, I welcome it and look forward to more.

     As I get older, I think about what I'll leave as a legacy.  My personal work with people is something I hope others will remember.  Although I haven't had the blessing of children or any recent long-term romantic relationships, I have thought a lot about the children I would have raised had I known then what I know now.  My work and my writings also pay homage to my parents -- especially my AS father -- and what gifts they've left me, and what I have left to those whose lives my passing by has touched.

Technical Writing and Articles

     These are my "how to" writings.  Very Aspie.  Very detailed, with much pontification and bombast.  If you, dear reader, can get past the blast, I think you'll find I have interesting things to say, often from a different perspective.  These are the writings I've polished the most, but who's to say I won't revisit some of them, updating, cleaning up the style, or removing them altogether, and replacing them with new material?

     Only time will tell.

     In the meantime, what you'll find in these writings covers quite a gamut.  Each of the bulleted topics in the list below is a link to articles with that same general subject matter.  Click on the topic, and up will pop a sub-directory listing those articles.  Please bear in mind that  I add new articles all the time.  Visit the topics of interest to you from time to time to see what's new.  When you encounter this phenomenon, it isn't just a matter of  Now you See It; Now You Don't.  Life isn't forever -- life isn't static; things change all the time.

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