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     Although several documents linked from this page concentrate on the policies and practices of a single non-profit affordable housing developer in Gresham, many of the issues raised reflect my concerns for the "soft side" issues of affordable housing.  As someone who has been involved, in one way or another, in the building trades, as a failed redeveloper, and as a City of Gresham delegate to our Multnomah County Housing and Community Development Commission, I tend to look at more sides of economic development than a simple bottom line, and other aspects of affordable housing policies and practices beyond mere brick and mortar considerations. 


     Some of the personal issues I bring to the discussion reflect my union activist days as an apprentice teacher, long-time community mediator and community organizer and my background as one of a tiny handful of building trades activists pushing the traditional trades to include people of color and women at a time when such organizing efforts directed towards the construction industry were in their infancy.  Though no longer active as a tradesperson, I cannot forget the value of family-based living wage employment.  Historically, my state Oregon has had a horrible record of official discrimination and disparate treatment of non-white, and non-Anglo Saxon cultures.  That racist streak continues today as we review the poor home ownership percentages to actual percentage of African Americans and Spanish Native Language national groups in our population  even if one compares ownership figures with identical family incomes across racial and cultural lines.


     Each title is a link.   Click anywhere on the title to access the article.


That New Place - An Urban Renewal Tale

Letter to Gresham City Manager Encouraging High Level Developer Discussions

Memorandum to the Board of Directors of Mt. Hood Habitat for Humanity



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