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     Each article in this topic area covers discrete adult behavior that has a direct impact on the AS individual's entire life and his or her interaction with community and natural supports. Each title is a link. Click anywhere on the title to access the article.


 Adult Version Australian Scale for Asperger Syndrome

 AS Grows Up; Recognizing Adults in Today's Challenging World

Asperger's Syndrome Characteristics

  Asperger Syndrome in Military Service

 Autistic Adult Phobias about Asking for Things --On Social Rules of Polite Discourse and Raised Toilet Seats

  Good People Behaving Badly - Bad Behavior No Matter What

 Misdiagnosis, Services and Advocacy / An Adult Explains Asperger Syndrome

  Transitions to Adult Independence:  Money Management and the Basic Steps

 What Disabled Students Face in Post-Secondary Education

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