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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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Welcome to Roger N. Meyer's Home Page

      This is a combined business web site and a personal web site.  I am and do many more things than are found in a description of my business and its services.  Within this web site, I offer you views of my writing, my work and myself.

      I'm 63, single, haven't been kissed enough, and am, what polite people say, appropriately portly for an old guy.  But not too old.  I tell people I wasn't bad looking when younger.  My work allowed me to cut a good figure, and as for now?  Heck.  I just tell people my chest has slipped a bit.  That's all.

      I'm in the disability consulting business.  If you want to find out about what I do -- and that isn't the only way I spend my time -- click here to go to a description of my business.  As the name of my business suggests, I'm literally

 "...of a different mind."

     I'm a published author, a special education advocate, a paid social security representative, and individual disability and civil rights advocate.  I am co-founder of Oregon Parents United (1998), and co-founder of ASPIRES (2000).   I also dabble seriously in local, small-time politics, and co-facilitate three groups, two of them support groups in character, and the third, a professional development group of clinical counseling specialists.  In my previous life and my present one, I enjoy training folks.  I've never developed the mindset to be a serious design-a-course teacher, but even I surprise myself when asked to put on an extensive new-topic workshop.

      I own my own condominium, the last of four places I've owned since buying my first little shack at the age of 32.  When I was earning good but erratic money as a cabinetmaker, I indulged a life-long passion and had a designer's prototype high end stereo system and a huge classical 78 and 33RPM record collection.  Now, the high end gear is gone, but not the memories.  The same is true for most of my extensive record collection.  No matter.  The music's in my head!  Six years ago, I gave up the last of my succession of small trucks handy for a blue-collar tradesman, trading it in for my first new people-carrying car.  The car was the last of my extravagant gifts to myself.  As it's been well taken care of, it's taken good care of me.  I live on a limited income, and have adopted a comfortable, if not slightly threadbare, life style.

      I hope you enjoy what you read here, and invite others to visit this web site as well.

     This website is a collaborative project of Aaron Lamb, a student at Gresham, Oregon's joint East Multnomah County School Districts and Mt. Hood Community College high technology Center for Advanced Learning (CAL), http://www.thecenterforadvanced learning.org/, and Linda Newland, web mistress for Oregon Parents United (OPU), http://www.oregonparentsunited.com, Central Oregon Bend Redmond Asperger Syndrome Support (COBRASS), http://www.co-brass.com/, and Asperger Syndrome Partners & Individuals Resources, Encouragement & Support (ASPIRES) http://www.aspires-relationships.com.

     Note to visitors to this website:  There are format and navigation function differences between Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Mozilla and other non-Microsoft browsers.  There is a glitch with the "Go to Top" link found at the bottom of every page in Mozilla.  In early June, it didn't work, but we're trying to fix it so that it does work.  If you compare a page on Microsoft Internet Explorer with the same page on Mozilla, you may notice format and some indentation differences.  Other strange looking symbols may appear in Mozilla, whereas in Internet Explorer, a check, a diamond, or other formatting bullets appear as they did in the original MS word documents from which these HTML pages have been converted.  If formatting and these other minor function differences are important to you, consider
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      All material on each page of this web site is copyright   2005 All Rights Reserved by Roger N. Meyer. 

      Send mail to rogernmeyer@earthlink.net with questions or comments about this web site.


      Updated 02/10/2007 

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