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Roger N. Meyer "...of a different mind "
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RogerNMeyer.com is the web home of Roger Meyer,
author of Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook

     Rogernmeyer.com is a combined business and personal website dedicated to building greater awareness of adult autism, especially Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. This web site joins others focusing on autism addressing more able autistic adult independence, acquiring social and communication skills, further university education and adult training, dignified employment to optimize individuals' involvement in community and family life.

     I hope my articles on housing, benefits, counseling, children and parents, diagnosis, self-determination, self-advocacy and disclosure, my personal story, friendships and relationships will lead readers to but understanding and acceptance of the diversity represented by adults at all points on the autistic spectrum. In my advocacy work, I support an individuals' strengths, talents, interests, and accomplishments while also helping them and others allow room for their challenges while encouraging personal and system change.

     Within this site I offer you views of my writing as well as myself. I'm in the disability consulting and information and referral business. If you'd like to skip to my work, please click here for a description of my business. As the name of my business suggests, I'm literally

"...of a different mind"

     I'm a published author, a special education advocate, a paid social security representative, and an individual disability and civil rights advocate. I am co-founder of Oregon Parents United (1998) and co-founder of ASPIRES (2000). I also dabble seriously in local politics, and co-facilitate three groups, two of them support groups, and co-facilitate a professional development group of clinical counseling specialists developing best practices in Asperger Syndrome counseling of children, adolescents, families and individuals. I have a special interest in developing appropriate AS adult counseling techniques. In my life before being diagnosed with AS at the age of 55, I enjoyed training others, and was a military instructor, trade union apprentice instructor and community mediation and caseworker trainer.

     Persons interested in reading more about me, please click on About Roger and also consider reading materials I've hidden under the Articles and Writings link under Biographical and Personal Tidbits. If you want "brief," here's brief.

     I'm 63, single, and am what polite people say, appropriately portly for an old guy. But not too old. I tell people I wasn't bad looking when younger. My work as a cabinetmaker most of my life allowed me to cut a good figure, and as for now? I just tell people my chest has slipped a bit. That's all. I've owned my own homes since I was in my early thirties, and currently live in a very affordable condominium. I've had a life-long passion for classical music, and when I had money, I had an enormous record collection and very tweaky custom-manufactured high end playback equipment. I drive my first ever new car, and live on a modest income.

     I hope you enjoy what you read here, and ask that you invite others to visit this web site as well.


     This website began as a collaborative project of Aaron Lamb, a student at the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) in http://www.thecenterforadvancedlearning.org, and Linda Newland, web mistress for Asperger Syndrome Partners & Individuals Resources, Encouragement & Support (ASPIRES)at http://www.aspires-relationships.com.

     Note to Mozilla (FireFox) Browser users. Text material on this website was prepared using MS Word. Mozilla does strange things to MS Word symbols, indentations and other format aids. If visual formatting glitches bother you, consider using Microsoft Internet Explorer while viewing this site.

     All original text on each page of this web site is copyright © 2005 by Roger N. Meyer, All Rights Reserved. Mt. Hood photo used by permission of David E. Wieprecht.

     Send questions about contents of this site by Email to rogernmeyer@earthlink.net.

     Send technical questions about this website to nightowl@nightowlwebdesign.com.

     Updated 06-10-12


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